¿What is eCoex?

eCOEX is the web system that obtains and organizes the motions, electronic and digital documents of your imports / exports transmitted in VUCEM, automatically.

Con eCOEX you will be able to visualize the global information of your operation, consult motions by specific date, by period or all those that contain the same text as well as its annexes.


Extraction of Motions

Automatically download your motions and digital files from VUCEM (SAT one-stop window)


It generates dynamic reports of all your motions according to multiple criteria and exports them to Excel files.

Complement of Motions

It allows you to complement your electronic file with files loaded directly from your computer.


The eCoex platform consists of three modules:


Web Application for Companies: An application that any company can use previous subscription, with support for administration of several accounts.

Operations Web Application: Administrative application to organize and manage company accounts and to monitor the downloading of motions from VUCEM.

Web Page: e-coex.com

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